Interesting Findings from the 2022 Agency Universe Study

According to the 2022 Agency Universe Study, there has been a rapid increase in independent insurance agencies. Even with the surge, the business conditions for agencies remain positive.


Key Findings Released

A collaboration of the Big “I” and leading independent agencies, Future One, has released some interesting findings. The findings come from the Agency Universe Study – one of the most comprehensive looks at independent agencies. “The 2022 Agency Universe Study shows the resiliency of the independent agency system as it continues to grow and adapt through the challenges of the last couple of years,” said Bob Rusbuldt, Big ‘I’ president & CEO. “It is amazing that during the pandemic, the independent agency system added nearly 4,000 new agencies. The study also offers insights into how agencies can better prepare themselves for the future. Staffing and marketing are issues for agencies, and the Big ‘I’ continues its support of independent agencies through resources, programs, and guidance to face these challenges head-on.”

The Seven Key Findings

Out of all of the data produced by this study, these seven were the most notable findings:

  1. The Number of Independent Agencies Has Increased
  2. Business Conditions Continue to be Positive
  3. Technology Has Become a Crucial Part of Operations and Customer Service
  4. Principle Aging Remains Stable
  5. Key Challenges Remain Being Able to Find Qualified Staff & Marketing
  6. Emerging Purchase Channels Are Impacting Agencies
  7. Inclusion is Gaining Ground

Overall, almost all of the study’s findings are good signs for the future of independent insurance agencies across the nation. We hope that it encourages companies to look beyond the big names they hear on television commercials and look to their local community instead.


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Monmouth County and New Jersey Have Changed Since We Started, But We Still Provide the Same Excellent Service

Leigh Agency was founded in Freehold in 1990. Although there have been a lot of changes in our town, county, and state over the last 30+ years – you can still count on us for all your insurance needs. We’ve watched the local area grow and have been lucky enough to help residents find quality insurance coverage along the way.


Independent Insurance Agents in Monmouth County, New Jersey

As Monmouth County and New Jersey have changed, so have the insurance needs of our clients. New residential areas have popped up over the years with new construction. More residents opened small businesses with the development of new strip malls and commercial spaces. Restoring beautiful downtown areas became more prevalent throughout the state, as buildings were renovated and new businesses moved in. More families from neighboring states moved to New Jersey as many of the schools were updated and revamped. The community grew and prospered, and we were so excited to be a part of it all.

Why You Should Shop for Insurance in Monmouth County, New Jersey with Leigh Agency

While a lot has changed around us over the years, our dedication to our customers has not. We are a Trusted Choice, independent agency that fully understands the insurance needs of local residents. You are never just a policy number to us – we remember your name and unique insurance needs. Since our agents are independent, they can shop around multiple insurance companies to find you the best policies and prices. We have been developing connections and relationships in the industry for decades. No one knows the insurance needs of New Jersey residents and businesses like us!


If you’re looking for a local insurance agency with decades of experience in New Jersey, then look no further! Give us a call today, and let us find the personal or business coverage you need.

The Benefits of Independent Agents Representing Many Insurance Companies

Purchasing new insurance policies can be overwhelming. There are so many insurance companies and so many options. How do you know you’re getting the best deal for the coverage you need? That’s where independent insurance agents come in.


What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

Instead of working for one large insurance company, an independent insurance agent has access to several companies. This allows them to shop around to get the best price for the policy you, your family, or your business may need. Furthermore, independent insurance agents have lots of knowledge and experience in their local areas. They have an in-depth understanding of the insurance needs of local community members.

The Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent

When shopping around for insurance policies, one insurance company can only give you a limited amount of options and pricing. However, an independent insurance agent can shop around with many different insurance companies. If you have complex needs, you’re more likely to find the best deal when several companies are at your disposal. Your independent insurance agent can check quotes for multiple policies from multiple companies at the same time, getting you the best price possible. A captive agent (one that only works with one insurance company) can only provide a lower price by reducing the amount of coverage.

Can you still bundle your insurance policies with an independent agent?

Bundling your insurance policies is a great way to save money on your coverage. But can you still bundle your insurance policies with an independent agent? Yes! Independent agents are still able to bundle your policies and save you money. In some cases, they can even bundle your policies if they’re through different companies.


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Let an Independent Insurance Agent Do the Shopping for You

In today’s world, it’s essential to have adequate insurance coverage– and not just for your home and car! Insurance is crucial to cover all the things of value you own, as well as yourself and your family. When you need several policies for proper coverage, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why you should let an independent insurance agent do the shopping for you!


What is an independent insurance agent?

There are two types of insurance agents – captive and independent. Captive agents can only provide coverage options from the one insurance company they work for. However, independent agents can shop around for coverage options from many different insurance companies.

What are the benefits of an independent insurance agent?

The main benefit of working with an independent agent is that you will more than likely get better pricing than with a captive agent for the coverage you need. They work for you and have access to shop around for many different policies from different insurance companies. Another great benefit is that independent insurance agents have local knowledge within the industry. If you have complex insurance needs or own a business, an independent insurance agent can provide customized service to your needs and location.

Why you should let an independent insurance agent do your insurance shopping.

When it comes to shopping for insurance policies, no one has the flexibility of an independent insurance agent. They can shop around for you, finding the best deals through the best companies. In addition, they have a great understanding of local insurance requirements. They will keep this knowledge in mind when shopping for the best coverage for your specific needs.


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What to Do with Boat, Motorcycle, and Jet Ski Insurance in the Fall and Winter

While it may be obvious to properly insure your summer toys during the warmer months, what about the fall and winter? Your boat, motorcycle, or jet ski will be stored away somewhere. So, you don’t need any insurance, right? Think again. Even though these vehicles don’t get the most use in the winter they still need protection in the colder months. Read on to learn why you need insurance on your summer vehicles, even in the fall and winter.


Insurance Against Theft

Even if you’re not using your boat, motorcycle, or jet ski in the fall and winter – you still need to make sure you have insurance coverage for potential theft. Did you know that more than 70% of boat and jet ski thefts happen when they’re mounted on a trailer, not out on the water? Even if you have your summer vehicle stored somewhere you think is safe, thefts can still occur. Insurance can protect your property in the event something is taken.

Insurance Against Fire or Weather Events

Even the most secure sheds, garages, and storage facilities like boatyards can experience damage when the unexpected happens. If there is a fire or storm, you should insure your boat, motorcycle, or jet ski for this type of damage. For instance, the winter can come with severe weather and subzero temperatures that could damage your vehicle.


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Why You Should Review Your Business Insurance Portfolio Regularly

You’ve put a lot of heart, soul, and money into your business. That’s why carrying the proper business insurance coverage is crucial. But it’s not just about having the right policies. It’s also about reviewing those policies regularly to ensure they still fit your needs as your business grows. Read on to learn why you should regularly review your lines of business insurance.


What is a business line of insurance?

Any insurance policy you purchase to protect you and your business from financial loss is considered a business line of insurance. Having the right insurance policy is crucial to avoid shutting down your business if the unexpected occurs.

Why You Should do An Annual Review of Your Business Insurance

Most of the time, your insurance policies will automatically renew yearly unless you make changes. However, an annual insurance review is recommended for business owners. As your business needs grow and change, so will your insurance needs. An independent insurance agent can review all your business policies to ensure adequate coverage. Discounts may also be available if you bundle your business insurance lines.

Changes in Your Business Operations May Require Insurance Policy Changes

As your business grows, you may need new equipment or an expanded inventory. The more money you spend on your business, the more insurance you’ll need to protect those assets. On the other hand, if you’ve downsized or scaled back your business, you may have more coverage than you need. Working with an experienced insurance agent can ensure you have the proper business lines of insurance for your current needs.


Is it time to review your business insurance policies? The professional agents at Leigh Agency can answer your insurance questions and make sure you have the coverage you need. Give us a call today.

Why You Should Review Your Full Portfolio of Personal Insurance Regularly

Personal insurance protects you and your family against financial losses. As your life evolves and grows, so will your insurance needs. Here’s what you need to know about personal lines of insurance and why you should review them regularly.


What is a Personal Line of Insurance?

A personal line of insurance refers to the class of coverage that protects you from financial loss. These lines of insurance protect both individuals and their families. Just one unexpected event, like a car accident or flood, could put someone in a significant amount of debt. A personal line of insurance would help protect against this. Some examples of personal lines of insurance are:

  • homeowners’ insurance
  • valuable articles insurance
  • car insurance
  • renters’ insurance
  • motorcycle insurance
  • umbrella insurance
  • flood insurance

Why should you review your personal insurance coverage regularly?

Changes to your insurance coverage will need to be made as things change in your life. For instance, you may get a job promotion, prompting you to buy more assets. Whether these assets are new homes, vehicles, jewelry, etc. – they will need to be insured. Another example of a change requiring more insurance coverage is starting a family. Updating your insurance to accommodate a growing family will help you worry less as a new parent. Regardless of the many types of changes you’ll experience throughout life, a professional insurance agent will be able to review all your personal lines of insurance to confirm you have adequate coverage. If you work with an independent insurance agent, they will have access to multiple providers so that you can get the best value for your needs.


Ready to review your personal insurance coverage? Give Leigh Agency a call today. Our experienced agents can make sure you have the right coverage for you and your family.

Why Now is A Good Time to Review Insurance Coverage with An Independent Agent

Life comes with constant change. Because of this, you should periodically review your insurance policies to ensure you’re getting the best coverage for your needs. Regardless of who your current policy is with right now, you should review it with an independent agent.


What is the difference between a captive insurance agent and an independent agent?

A captive insurance agent can only get you coverage from the one insurance company they work with. In comparison, an independent insurance agent has access to multiple insurance carriers. This means you only need to work with one agent for almost all your insurance coverage. The one agent you work with will likely be more familiar with your neighborhood and insurance requirements than a captive agent. Furthermore, this one-on-one relationship will allow you to communicate your total insurance needs for a lifetime. Captive agents tend to not have time for that kind of relationship and instruct customers to fill out forms to determine the right coverage for them.

Why should I review my insurance policy with an independent agent soon?

You may not even realize that your current insurance policies are no longer relevant or sufficient to your needs. An independent agent can review all your existing policies and ensure they’re up to date. Then, if more specific coverage is necessary, they can work with many different insurance providers to get the best deal. An independent agent has the experience and expertise to get the right insurance for your needs. Also, this is an excellent time of year to review your policies! It’s always good to get into a habit of reviewing your policies towards the end of the year. Also, summer is a very popular time to buy new houses, cars, boats, and other large purchases.


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How Working with an Independent Insurance Agent Can Save Time and Money

There are so many large insurance companies to choose from. However, when you purchase insurance through a big corporation, you may miss out on the advantages of working with an independent insurance agent. Here’s how working with an independent insurance agent can save you time and money.


Prompt Customer Service

Getting a human on the phone can be difficult when you work with a large insurance company. You call the customer service number, press various numbers, and get transferred to many different automated voices. When you work with an independent insurance agent, you have a much better opportunity to talk to a real person. Most of the time, you’ll even be able to get questions answered within hours. With a large insurance company, you could be waiting days for a return call or email. Superior customer service saves you so much time when dealing with insurance claims.

Personalized Insurance Policy Reviews

Unlike large insurance companies with sales quotas to fill, an independent insurance agent has your needs in mind and can get you coverage from many different companies. They’re much better suited to talk to you about your personal needs and sort through many different options to get you the proper coverage. These reviews will help identify the adequate coverage you need to ensure you aren’t paying too much. Furthermore, they can shop around for this adequate coverage to get you the best rate possible.

Easy Coverage Changes

If your life is changing, your insurance needs are changing as well. When you work with an independent insurance agent, they’ll be more in tune with your changing needs and alert you when you need to update your insurance policy. This could save you a lot of money in the long run. If you don’t update your policy when necessary, then you may not have the right amount of coverage and could be forced to pay for losses on your own.


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Tips for Childproofing Your Home

Children are curious by nature. And while it’s important to encourage this curiosity, it’s also just as important to keep them safe while doing so. Thankfully, it’s easy to take steps to make your home more “childproofed” so your little one can explore more safely. Read on to learn more.


Cover Up Those Outlets

It may seem obvious, but many parents don’t realize how dangerous outlets are to babies and toddlers. Luckily, outlet covers are cheap and easy to install. From the small plastic-pronged covers to the more elaborate full plate covers, make sure every outlet within reach of your child is covered.

Cushion Those Corners

Sharp edges on coffee tables, nightstands, or fireplaces can be hazardous to children of all ages. One little fall could become much worse if that corner isn’t covered up. There are many easy ways to keep your kids safe from the furniture. Look for the cushioned corner protectors and cover every edge that may be a problem.

High Up Hazards

Toddlers love to put everything in their mouths, no matter what it is! This doesn’t mean you have to throw away anything that could be a choking hazard. But you should put it up high and secure where your kids can’t reach it. Every parent of a toddler has a countertop or mantle full of the little things they’re trying to keep free of drool!

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Lockdown

Most homeowners have kitchen and bathroom cabinets full of cleaning supplies or chemicals that could be extremely dangerous in the hands of little kids. Even if your little ones tend to leave your cabinets alone, it only takes a moment for the unexpected to happen. Plastic cabinet hinges are an easy solution. They keep the cabinets locked to little hands but are easy to unlock for adults.


Another way to protect your kids is to ensure you have the proper homeowner’s insurance policy! Leigh Agency can review your current coverage to see if it is the right type and amount for you and your family.