Why an Umbrella Policy is Important for Your Summer Toys – Even When Summer Ends

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about storing your “summer toys” – the boat, the RV, the ATV, or the jet ski. But just because those toys won’t be used in the off season as much, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider an umbrella policy for them.


What is Umbrella Insurance?

An umbrella insurance policy provides extra liability coverage beyond the limits of your standard policies. It comes into play when the liability on your other policies, such as auto, home, or boat insurance, has been exhausted. This can be invaluable in the event of significant property damage, serious auto accidents, or lawsuits.

Why Umbrella Insurance is Crucial for Your Summer Toys

Your summer toys also introduce additional risks. There’s plenty of risks that come with using boats, motorcycles, and such – but there are also risks to consider when they are not being used. An umbrella policy can come into play if your summer toy causes damage while being transported to a storage facility or while it is being stored.

Legal Liability Protection

If an accident leads to legal action, the costs can be staggering. Umbrella insurance can cover litigation costs, including attorneys’ fees, and it can protect your assets if you’re sued for damages. For the wide range of protection it offers, umbrella insurance is surprisingly affordable. For just a small addition to your annual insurance cost, you can gain significant peace of mind knowing you’re fully covered.


Summer toys can bring immense joy and create lasting memories. By adding an umbrella insurance policy, you ensure that an unexpected event won’t turn your joy into a financial burden. Protect yourself, your family, and your assets with this crucial coverage. Contact The Leigh Agency today to get started!