Why Work with an Independent Agent for Auto Insurance

Car insurance is a necessity. So much so, that driving without auto insurance is illegal in New Jersey. But with so many car insurance companies out there, how do you know what coverage is best for you? When shopping for car insurance, consider working with an independent agent. Independent agents are not tied to any specific insurance company and can offer their clients a wider range of options. This can lead to better deals and more personalized coverage for the client. Here’s how!


Find the Best Auto Insurance Rates

One of the main benefits of working with an independent agent is that they can shop around for the best rates on your behalf. Independent agents can access multiple insurance companies to compare rates and coverage options to find the best deal for the right amount of coverage. This can lead to significant savings.

Personalized Auto Insurance Coverage

Another benefit of working with an independent agent is that they can provide more personalized coverage options. Independent agents can work with multiple insurance companies to find the best coverage options to meet their client’s specific needs. This can include liability coverage, collision coverage, and even specialized coverage for classic cars or high-performance vehicles. With big-name companies, you’re mostly getting cookie-cutter coverage.

Better Customer Service

Using an independent agency for auto insurance means you get better customer service. If a client needs an updated policy, all they need to do is contact their independent agent. With larger insurance companies, it may involve many calls and lots of hold time. Furthermore, independent agents are always willing to answer all your auto insurance questions and have the vast experience and knowledge to do so!


If you need better car insurance or don’t know where to begin, give The Leigh Agency a call. We’re proud to be an independent agency!