Why It’s Beneficial to Work with Multiple Carriers Instead of One

Independent insurance agencies have built relationships and work with multiple carriers (insurance companies). By doing so, they can provide their clients with a wide range of benefits. Here are just a few.


More Insurance Coverage Options

One of the main benefits of working with multiple carriers is that it allows the agency to offer various insurance options to their clients. By having access to numerous carriers, an agency can provide clients with more choices and tailor the coverage to their specific needs. For example, some unique insurance needs may require multiple policies from different carriers. This would not be an option if a client worked with a captive agent, who can only work with one carrier.

Better Prices

Working with multiple carriers allows an agency to be more competitive in pricing. With access to numerous carriers, an agency can shop for the best rates and pass those savings on to their clients. This benefit typically leads to lower premiums for the client.

Better Customer Service

An underrated benefit of working with multiple insurance carriers is that it leads to better customer service. The agency can work with multiple carriers to find a solution if a client needs to update their policy. This can be especially beneficial if the client has a unique insurance need that a single carrier may not be able to accommodate. Since independent agents have vast experience working with many different insurance carriers, their knowledge of the industry is extensive. More knowledgeable agents mean more answered questions and more confident recommendations for coverage.


Independent insurance agencies that work with multiple carriers, like The Leigh Agency, can provide these great benefits. If you need insurance coverage, call us today. We can help you find the right insurance coverage for all your needs.