Backyard Playground Set Safety Tips

Having a backyard playground set is an excellent opportunity to get the kids outside in the fresh air and sunshine. It can be a great asset to your home, as long as all safety precautions are considered. Here are some backyard playground set safety tips for all homeowners.


Professional Installation

Many homeowners opt to build their own playground sets. While this is an option, we recommend only taking on this task if you have professional carpentry or construction experience. Several things could be missed if you have never built something like a playset before, and corners should not be cut when it comes to kids’ safety. There are plenty of companies and individual carpenters that can install your playground for you. A quick internet search should be able to drum up local companies available for the job. Be sure to check reviews, references, and that they are fully insured beforehand.

Adult Supervision

While the point of installing a background playground set is to give your kids more freedom to play in the safety of their own backyard, parental supervision is still necessary. This doesn’t mean you have to be right on top of the playset, but be sure to have them within eyesight. Accidents can happen quickly, so children must not be left entirely on their own while playing on a playset.

Periodic Maintenance

While most home playgrounds are designed to last for years, it is important to periodically check them for damage or necessary repairs. Every month or two, go out and check the playset for cracks, loose screws or nails, or damaged equipment. Make sure you tell your kids to alert you to any broken components and that they should never play on damaged equipment. If your playground is wooden, applying a sealant once a year could prolong its life by several years.


Using these safety tips will ensure you have a fun, safe playground for your kids to play on for years to come.