How to Avoid a Liability Claim on Your Property in the Winter

Now that we are into colder temperatures and icy weather, it is a great time to make sure your property is ready. It is important to maintain your property during the winter months to keep your family safe and avoid others hurting themselves. There are so many claims made in the wintertime. Property damage, injury due to falls, and countless others are very common. Here are some ways to avoid a liability claim on your property in the winter.


Prevent Ice

Ice is the biggest thing to focus on to avoid winter liability claims. Do all you can to prevent ice on and around your property. Someone slipping on ice and hurting themselves, or being hit by falling ice from your roof, could cost you big time in liability claims. First, you should cover all the obvious possible culprits. Be sure to salt and shovel your driveway and walkways anytime there is a snowfall. Always keep your front porch and steps de-iced and dry. Also, consider adding handrails to any stairs on your property.

Check Your Trees

Liability claims are often filed after winter storms. To avoid causing damage to your neighbor’s property, always keep branches and limbs trimmed. Inspect any trees that are close to your property line for any rot or other issues. A fallen tree can inflict a large amount of damage, so it is best to spend the money now to remove or trim the tree, instead of later when it falls on a house or garage.

Be Aware of Your Coverage

Do you know what would be covered if you have something happen on your property this winter? It is critical to know what you are covered for and how much. Your insurance agent can assess your current risk and help pick the best coverage for your needs.


Not sure if you have enough liability coverage? We can help you sort through it and make sure you are prepared this winter. Give us a call!