How to Properly Care For Your Motorcycle in the Winter

Just because you are not riding your motorcycle much in the colder weather, does not mean you can just park it in the garage and ignore it. It requires yearlong care if you want it to be in tip-top shape when you are ready to ride. Here are some tips on how to properly care for your motorcycle in the winter.


Thorough Cleaning

One of the first things you should do is clean your motorcycle thoroughly. Especially if it is going to be idle for a long winter, make sure you do not have any dirt or grime that could corrode parts of the motorcycle while it is not being used.

Maintain Your Battery

Cold weather is extremely harsh on batteries, especially if you are not riding at all. Check the terminals often and clean them when needed. If you can open the battery, make sure the electrolyte is topped off. Also, keep it charging anytime you are not using the motorcycle.

Keep an Eye on Your Fuel

Gas contains ethanol, which absorbs moisture from the surrounding air. During the spring and summer, this is not an issue. However, in the winter as your motorcycle is sitting in the garage, it can accumulate quite a bit of water that settles into the tank and fuel system. Fuel can also degrade over time, leaving deposits in different components in your engine. Look into different kinds of gas preservatives and drop a few ounces into your tank.

Keep up With Oil Changes

Even though you are not riding often, you should still be changing your oil regularly. Since your engine is not running as much as the warmer months, gunk and oil byproducts can build up. You should increase your oil changes in the winter to prevent this.


Remember, have fun and be safe, but do not forget to take extra care of your motorcycle this winter!