Lower your insurance premiums with Snapshot® from Progressive

The Leigh Agency offers safe drivers a way to lower insurance premiums with Snapshot®
Personalized rates reward safe, low-mileage drivers with savings on their auto insurance

The Leigh Agency is proud to provide its customers with a new way to save on their car insurance premiums. The Leigh Agency is certified to offer Snapshot, an optional discount program from Progressive that helps safer drivers earn the savings they deserve.

With Snapshot, customers finally have the choice to pay for car insurance based on real-time driving behavior, without paying for others’ bad driving habits. People who drive less, during safer times of day and exhibit minimal sudden stops may save on their auto insurance.

Driving data has proven to be the most powerful way to determine what customers should be paying for insurance. It’s a better predictor of who will have an accident in the future than age, gender and other factors customers can’t change or control, but that are commonly used to determine the cost of auto insurance. Snapshot uses driving behavior to determine a discount percentage, which means changes in behavior can result in safer drivers and extra savings.

Powering this program is the Snapshot device itself, which easily plugs into the onboard diagnostic port. The device’s sleek design houses the latest advances in telematics and mobile technology, enabling the customer to automatically and wirelessly share their driving patterns with Progressive. The device doesn’t use GPS technology so Progressive does not know the location or speed of the vehicle.

After 30 days, the customer can log in to their policy or check with their agent to see how much of an initial discount they’re earning and what changes they can make to their driving habits to save even more. At the end of the policy term, typically six months, the customer returns the device to Progressive, and their ongoing discount is set.

Anyone can try Snapshot, even if you’re with another insurance company. It’s free to try and a great way to see if your safe driving could earn you a discount of 0-30%.

Snapshot is a good fit for people who don’t drive frequently and during safer times of the day. On average, those who earn a discount save around $150 a year. Since the program launched in 2008, drivers have saved more than $125 million with Snapshot. Contact The Leigh Agency today to see if you could start saving.

The Leigh Agency, in business since 1990, is located at 10 East Main Street, Freehold, NJ. The agents at The Leigh Agency provide personal advice for all your insurance needs and can be reached at 732-780-8338 or [email protected]. Find us on the web at www.leighagency.com.

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Founded in 1937, Progressive continues its long history of offering shopping tools and services that save customers time and money, like Name Your Price®, Snapshot® and Service Centers.