New Jersey Community Honors Medical Heroes at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

While we all work together to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, it is always great to hear some good news! We are seeing some of the best in humanity come out in a time like this to either make donations or just do whatever they can to make people smile! There was a great story that happened in Somerville, New Jersey where people did something incredible to show their support for medical professionals at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

It looked like a parade outside of the hospital as hundreds of people from the local area coordinated a unique way to show their appreciation for the hospital workers (all while keeping a safe social distance of course!). In conjunction with the local Elks chapter, a very well and safely planned support group was organized to make a “visit” of sorts to the hospital. People held signs with messages of a simple “Thank You” to signs that called the hospital workers “Heroes”.

Hospital workers can feel overwhelmed on a normal day, let alone during a pandemic like this one. It is important for people to show their support in as many ways as they can to give them a well deserved “pat on the back” and let them know that they are appreciated. Through this very brief visit, these citizens were able to clearly communicate these sentiments in an incredibly creative way.

The heroes working in these hospitals said they were extremely grateful for the support from the local community. Whether it is through something like an impromptu parade or even just a thank you letter, they are recognizing the amount of overwhelming support from other people. It is just another example of how the best in humanity comes out in a time like this!