The Leigh Agency Has Been Helping People Get Coverage During Life Changing Events for Over 33 Years

Insurance coverage is more than just a business transaction. Carrying insurance policies can help give you peace of mind that when the unexpected happens, you won’t find yourself facing a financial emergency. As you and your family grow and evolve, so do your insurance needs. The Leigh Agency has been helping people get insurance through every season of life for 33 years, and we continue to do so today. Here are just a few areas we can help with.


Renters Insurance

Moving out of your family home is certainly considered a life changing event. If you’re moving out to rent on your own or with friends, you’ll need renters insurance. At The Leigh Agency, we will get you covered and explain the process and why renter’s insurance is so important.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Buying your first home comes with a lot of responsibility – and a lot of pride, too! You want to keep your significant purchase safe, but as we all know, sometimes things are outside of our control. When the unexpected happens, the proper homeowner’s insurance policy can ensure that you’ll be monetarily covered. At The Leigh Agency, we know every home is different, and every family has different needs. So, our independent agents work with you directly to ensure you get the coverage you need. Additional life changing events, such as having a baby, may require you to increase your insurance coverage.

Any Other Insurance You Need

Whether you just purchased an expensive engagement ring for your fiancé, had a baby, or bought a new toy like a motorcycle – The Leigh Agency can help you. With over 33 years of experience as an independent agency, we can work on getting you the best coverage for a great price. For all your insurance needs, for today or tomorrow, give us a call.