The Most Common Insurance Claims During the Winter

Winter can be a tough season for homeowners, with various potential insurance claims arising from the harsh weather. From slipping on sidewalks to frozen pipes, here are some of the most common winter insurance claims to be aware of.


 Slippery Accidents Caused By Winter Condition

Snow and ice can make sidewalks and driveways slippery, leading to slips and falls. These accidents can result in serious injuries. Insurance can cover you, your family, and anyone else that falls on your property. You may think this is an unlikely scenario, but it’s one of the most common insurance claims in the winter.

Home Damage Due to Winter Weather or Storms

A wide array of damage may happen due to winter weather. For instance, the drop in temperature can cause the water inside pipes to freeze, expand, and break the pipe. This can result in extensive water damage to a home and may require costly repairs. Furthermore, heavy snowfall or strong winds can damage the exterior of your home.

Vehicle Accidents

Winter weather can make roads slippery and lead to more vehicle accidents than in other seasons. If you’re involved in an accident that’s not your fault, the other driver’s insurance should cover the damages. However, if you are the party at fault, your insurance will have to cover the damage to your vehicle, the other vehicles involved, and any injuries.

Winter Fires

Cold weather can lead to an increase in the use of space heaters, fireplaces, and other sources of heat. For this reason, winter fires are more common than you think. It only takes one spark to lead to a house fire.


To ensure you’re adequately covered for the winter season, it’s a good idea to review your insurance policy and make any necessary updates. If you need help determining whether you have the right coverage, we encourage you to call us. Our team of independent agents can help you do just that!