What to do During Bad Air Quality Days

Are you aware of when there are bad air quality days in your area? If not, there are apps and alerts that you can easily find through your town or state’s website. There are certain things you can do on these days to reduce your exposure to poor air quality. The summer season usually has the worst air quality days due to the heat and humidity. However, it can happen in any season or weather condition. Here’s what to do during a bad air quality day.


What does it mean when there’s bad air quality?

It makes the air harder to breathe when you have a mix of high temperatures, wind, pollution, or airborne particles from a wildfire. It’s not necessarily safe to do things like running, jogging, biking, or exercising outside when there’s bad air quality. Since it’s harder to breathe, you won’t have much energy, and it could be dangerous to try to be active outside. If you have lung problems or concerns like asthma or COPD, this is an even more significant concern.

Stay Inside if You Can

Besides going outside to get to work or school, or whatever necessities you need, you should try to stay inside as much as possible on bad air quality days. Exercise indoors and limit your kids’ outside playtime as well.

Don’t Contribute to the Bad Air

Avoid burning wood, having bonfires, or even using the grill on bad air quality days. Instead, do your cooking indoors. Also, avoid using gas-powered yard equipment like lawnmowers.

Bad air quality days are nothing to be nervous or afraid of, and with a bit of planning, you and your family can stay safe and healthy. Don’t hesitate to visit your town’s online resources for more information on what to do, and not to do, on bad air quality days.