What to Do with Boat, Motorcycle, and Jet Ski Insurance in the Fall and Winter

While it may be obvious to properly insure your summer toys during the warmer months, what about the fall and winter? Your boat, motorcycle, or jet ski will be stored away somewhere. So, you don’t need any insurance, right? Think again. Even though these vehicles don’t get the most use in the winter they still need protection in the colder months. Read on to learn why you need insurance on your summer vehicles, even in the fall and winter.


Insurance Against Theft

Even if you’re not using your boat, motorcycle, or jet ski in the fall and winter – you still need to make sure you have insurance coverage for potential theft. Did you know that more than 70% of boat and jet ski thefts happen when they’re mounted on a trailer, not out on the water? Even if you have your summer vehicle stored somewhere you think is safe, thefts can still occur. Insurance can protect your property in the event something is taken.

Insurance Against Fire or Weather Events

Even the most secure sheds, garages, and storage facilities like boatyards can experience damage when the unexpected happens. If there is a fire or storm, you should insure your boat, motorcycle, or jet ski for this type of damage. For instance, the winter can come with severe weather and subzero temperatures that could damage your vehicle.


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