Why You Need Jewelry Coverage

You have an insurance policy for almost everything of value in your home, right? How about your jewelry? Most people assume that if your jewelry is damaged or stolen it would be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. But unfortunately, this is not always the case. In cases where there is no separate jewelry coverage, a jewelry loss would be paid under your home contents limit and subject to the deductible you have on your homeowner’s policy, which may be higher than the value of the jewelry. Jewelry coverage gives you the peace of mind that your valuable or sentimental pieces will be monetarily covered in the event of a disaster or theft. Read on to learn more.


How do you know if you need jewelry coverage?

If you’re unsure if you need to purchase jewelry insurance for your valuables, consider these questions:

  • Would you be devastated by the sentimental loss if your jewelry was lost?
  • Would you be able to afford to replace the items if they were stolen?
  • Would you be at risk of having your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance rates go up if you made jewelry claims under your main policy?

The answers to these questions should help further explain when specialty jewelry insurance may be something to consider.

Will your jewelry be covered if you lose it?

Yes. If one of your insured pieces is lost, it is covered up to the limit assigned on your policy. Even if you lose your wedding ring at the beach and you know it’s in the sand or water somewhere, it’s still covered.

Is damage included in jewelry coverage?

Yes. For example, if during a typical day of wear you hit your diamond ring on the side of the counter by accident and lose a stone or damage a prong, those are covered. Accidents happen, and it’s nice to have peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to fix or replace your valuable piece of jewelry.


Interested in purchasing a specialty jewelry policy or just want to know more? Give us a call. We can help you get the coverage you need.