Does Car Insurance Cover Repairs

Owning a car is a big responsibility. You have the cost of the vehicle, maintenance, and insurance – which can all add up. But if your car breaks down and needs a repair, is that covered in your insurance policy? Read on to find out.


When Your Car Insurance Covers Repairs

If you’re involved in a car accident or your car is damaged due to fire or theft, your insurance policy may cover it. You first need to file a claim and talk to your insurance company, but your insurance will cover those repairs in most cases. That, after all, is the whole purpose of car insurance – to cover repairs and damage caused by an accident. However, repairs needed because of normal wear and tear are not covered in your policy.

Breakdowns and Routine Maintenance

Regular car maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations are not covered under your car insurance policy, so you’ll have to pay out of pocket for those. If your car breaks down due to engine failure, that will more than likely not be covered. However, lots of car insurance policies include roadside assistance. This coverage means your costs for tows, and sometimes even rental cars, may be covered. To be clear on what is and is not covered by your car insurance, be sure to read through your policy and ask your agent any questions you may have.

What Comprehensive Coverage Covers

Besides collision insurance, you may carry something called comprehensive coverage. This type of coverage can include damage to your car from things like fire, theft, natural disasters like earthquakes or storms, and even animal damage. If a squirrel builds a nest in your engine, you may be covered through your comprehensive coverage!


Not sure what your car insurance policy covers? Give us a call and we can help make sure you have the coverage you need.