Understanding the Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Process

In the best-case scenario, you would never need your homeowner’s insurance. But unfortunately, things happen, which is the entire purpose of purchasing a homeowner’s policy. So once something does happen, what do you do? You file a claim, of course. Read on to learn more about the homeowner’s insurance claim process.


Safety First

First things first, make sure everyone in your household is safe. If the claim involves a crime like a break-in or theft, call the police first. Once you’ve been provided with the “all-clear” to re-enter your property, then you can contact your insurance company.

Time to File a Claim

You can usually file a claim by phone or online. The first step is to contact your insurance agency and get the claim process started. Your agent will ask you relevant questions to get all the information they need for the claim. Once your claim is filed, it will be assigned to a claims adjuster who will give you a claim number and explain the next steps.

Document the Damage

If possible, it’s important to take detailed pictures and videos of all the damage related to your claim. Don’t throw away any damaged items unless you’ve gotten the go-ahead from your insurance company. If any emergency repairs are needed to make your property safe, make sure you check with your claims adjuster. There may be a protocol in place for emergency repairs.

Keep Records

Be sure to keep copies of all estimates, receipts, or any documents related to your insurance claim. It’s essential to keep your own records separate from what your insurance company is keeping.

Wait for Your Reimbursement

Before any money changes hands, you may need to have your insurance adjuster visit your home to assess the damage and necessary repairs. Once all is approved, your insurance company will let you know how much will be covered and if the repair companies will be paid directly or if you’ll be reimbursed.


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