Equipment (Appliance) Breakdown Coverage

Many people have experienced the frustrating realization that their appliance suddenly broke right after the manufacturer’s warranty ended. If you have experienced this, you probably wished that you had some insurance coverage to pay for the repair or replacement of the appliance. Most standard homeowner’s policies won’t cover you in this situation, but you can usually add equipment breakdown coverage to your current policy.


What is Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

Equipment Breakdown coverage provides an extra layer of protection for your home appliances if a mechanical or electrical failure occurs. It’s a perfect way to get reimbursed if something unexpected happens after the warranty expires. However, it is worth noting that it will not cover natural wear and tear.

What are some things that this policy would cover?

This policy may seem a little tricky to understand. Here’s an example of why you would need equipment breakdown coverage. Let’s say you had your refrigerator for two years, and a part suddenly breaks that shouldn’t have at this point of the fridge’s lifespan. Then, you check your warranty and find out that it was only for one year. In this case, your equipment breakdown coverage will most likely cover the costs to either fix or replace the refrigerator.

What does this kind of coverage include?

When you purchase equipment breakdown coverage, you’ll have protection for:

  • Costs associated with identifying the issue
  • Repair or replacement costs for damaged appliances
  • Costs to make temporary repairs
  • Any additional installation or shipping costs


Ask your insurance agent for more details regarding your policy and coverage.


Is equipment breakdown coverage something you would like to add to your homeowner’s insurance policy? Or maybe you’re not sure if it’s necessary? We can help you figure it out! Give us a call, and we’ll make sure you have all the coverage you need.