Safety Tips for Backyard Fire Pits

A fire pit is a great addition to any backyard. It adds a focal point and a functional area for friends and family to gather and enjoy the outdoors. But it’s important to keep safety in mind while having any sort of fire on your property. Here are some safety tips for backyard fire pits.


Don’t Use Your Fire Pit on Windy Days

If you’re planning on having a bonfire, be sure to check the weather reports. Excessive wind could be dangerous while using backyard fire pits. Wind could sweep up embers and set fences, trees, or dried leaves piles on fire. Also, be sure to check the direction of the wind anytime you use your fire pit so that you can set up your seating accordingly.

Build Your Fire Pit in the Open

Never create a fire pit close to trees, hanging branches, fences, furniture, or other flammable items. Your fire pit should never be placed under a gazebo or an overhang, either. Sparks will blow around, whether it’s windy or not, so a nice wide-open space is the safest setup.

Never Burn Lumber

When it comes to backyard fires – branches, firewood, and logs are all good choices for kindling. However, you should NEVER burn construction lumber. Wood used for building like plywood and pressure-treated boards are chemically treated. Burning this kind of wood would create dangerous fumes that are unsafe to sit around – or roast marshmallows on!

Have Safety Materials Ready

Even if you take the best precautions with your fire pit, it’s still a good idea to be prepared. Have a bucket of sand and a shovel handy, as well as a fire blanket and extinguisher. You don’t have to have these items nearby every time you have a fire. Just make sure you do have them, and you know where they are.

Have fun but be safe!