How to Avoid Grilling Disasters

The best part about summer is arguably the BBQs. Who doesn’t love food on the grill? Whether it’s burgers, veggies, or steak – grilling is an American staple. But even expert grillers can have some dangerous mishaps if they don’t take precautions. Here are some ways to reduce your chances of experiencing a grilling disaster this season.


Avoiding Fiery Flare-Ups

It happens more often than you think. You’re grilling a burger, and suddenly a fireball appears out of nowhere. While you’re going to have flames while cooking over a fire, there are ways to avoid those sudden, dangerous flare-ups. When you finish cooking, turn the heat to high to burn off any grease or residue. Then, clean the grill thoroughly. Fat and oil are usually responsible for those flare-ups, so if you’re cooking a piece of meat, be sure to trim any excess fat. Hold a supply of baking soda to toss over any out-of-control flames.

Avoid Backyard Singes

While it may seem obvious, your grill should be used in a relatively open area with no overhanging branches or greenery. It only takes one spark to cause a fire, so be sure your grill is in a place that is safely distanced from structures and trees. You should also be grilling on a flat surface, preferably concrete.

Avoid Fires and Odd Tasting Food

Nothing is more frustrating than biting into your freshly grilled food and having it not taste how you expected it to. If you’re cooking with charcoal, avoid using too much lighter fluid. Using too much can add a strange chemical taste to your food, and it increases the likelihood of a fire. Also, avoid using anything other than charcoal or propane for your heat source. Items like newspapers or cardboard can also affect the taste and increase the chances of a fire.


Be sure to grill your heart out this summer. Just be sure to do it safely!