How To Show Your Appreciation To Emergency Responders

Even though many people are able to stay at home in a time like this, emergency responders don’t have that luxury. They continue to provide their crucial services during this outbreak. Every time they do, they are selflessly risking their health for the benefit of others. Because of this, people are looking for ways to show their appreciation! Below are some ways to say “thank you” to our beloved emergency responders.

Buy Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, etc.

A great way to show your appreciation is to get together with some neighbors and buy a lunch, dinner, coffee, etc. for a local response team. This can be easily coordinated through one of the many restaurants offering take-out. It will give you an opportunity to support your local community and a local restaurant at the same time! We would recommend calling ahead to the location you plan on making the donation to before ordering anything. This will give you an opportunity to make sure they haven’t already had plans for the day you wanted to make your donation.

Send Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a timeless way to show your appreciation. Just a quick note showing they are appreciated could brighten up the whole station’s day. You can even get the kids involved to draw pictures or write their own cards as well. It is a really simple but effective way to say thank you to those who are protecting us every day!

Monetary Donations

Here are ways you can easily make monetary donations. The EMS link is specifically for the Freehold EMS team however, most towns have their own website to facilitate donations. This way, you can donate to the EMS team in your hometown!

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