How To Personally Help During The Coronavirus Outbreak

It has been incredible to see how many people in the country are helping in any way they possibly can in the battle against the coronavirus. There is an incredible variety of ways you can help locally. For those looking for ideas on how they can help, we put together a list of different ways to contribute in New Jersey!


Volunteer Time (In Person or At Home)

Some organizations are offering both in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities. The United Way of Ocean and Monmouth Counties has a volunteer portal for all of their current opportunities.

Donate Items

If you have found yourself with an excess of any items, you should contact local charities, especially food banks, to find out if they could use them. Also, if you have any craft skills/sewing experience, you can make items like masks or nurse caps and donate them to local medical facilities. Call your local hospital to find out if they can use them or if they know of a facility that does!

Donate Blood

The American Red Cross is reporting a blood shortage because of the pandemic. If you contracted and fully recovered from COVID-19, then you can potentially help those that are currently sick. Learn about both opportunities on their website – .

Donate Money

New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund

This organization was created specifically to address the COVID-19 outbreak. 100% of every dollar donated to them online will for to organizations that provide essential services to those in need and to assist those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elijah’s Promise

Based in New Brunswick, Elijah’s Promise provides the local community with nutritious meals. Due to the outbreak, they are running low on supplies and are in need of monetary donations.


Every contribution, no matter how small, will help us beat the virus together! If we all contribute in some small way, we can make a big difference!