Insurance Bundling vs. Umbrella Insurance

Insurance is a great way to have peace of mind that when something goes wrong, you have some sort of monetary coverage. There are so many kinds of insurance policies available. Car, motorcycle, home, jewelry – the list goes on. But not every policy offers total coverage and depending on your needs, you may need several. That’s where insurance bundling comes in. But if you bundle, do you still need a personal umbrella policy to make up the difference? Let’s take a closer look.


What is bundling?

Insurance bundling is when you purchase multiple types of insurance policies from the same provider. This way, all your insurance policies are in one place, making it more convenient and less complicated. For example, if you have home, car, and motorcycle insurance from the same provider, you only have one number to call to deal with any questions or claims. This also helps save you money since most insurance providers will offer a discount for bundling. You can expect significant discounts the more policies you bundle.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

An umbrella policy is a bit different than the other policies you probably hold. When you purchase umbrella insurance, it covers the amount above the limit set in your individual policies such as home, auto, boat etc. Umbrella insurance is extra insurance that provides protection beyond existing limits and coverages of other policies. It doesn’t just cover you, but also the other members of your household. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other policies.

Do you still need an Umbrella policy if you bundle your insurance?

Even with insurance bundling, an umbrella policy will protect your assets in the event of a liability claim when your primary policy limits are exhausted. Insurance bundling saves you money and makes handling your policies convenient, but it doesn’t provide you with extra coverage.


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