The Benefits of Bundling Your Insurance

Between your car, your home, your boat, or anything else valuable you may own, there’s a lot of insurance policies to keep track of. Insurance bundling offers a way to purchase several policies from the same provider. This has multiple benefits that we’ll explore in this blog. Read on to learn more.


Saving Money

The number one reason many customers decide to bundle their insurance policies is the discounts. Many insurance providers offer significant discounts – sometimes up to 25% off! – for bundling certain policies. This can save you a large amount of money over time. The more policies you’ll need, the more money you could save! We also have the ability to bundle with multiple insurance companies which gives you additional flexibility with your coverage options.


It’s hard to keep track of normal day-to-day life, let alone all the different insurance companies you’d have to keep track of if all your policies were separate. It’s nice to know if you have a question or need to file a claim for anything, you know what company to call. This can make things a whole lot easier, especially if you need to file a claim with more than one policy. It also means your insurance agency is more aware of your insurance needs and can make helpful suggestions along the way if you ever need a change to a policy.


If you have to file multiple claims, say in the event of a fire or some sort of accident, you could be at risk of being dropped by your insurance company. However, if you bundle your insurance through that company and have several policies, they are less likely to drop you as a customer due to a single claim event. In a sense, bundling your insurance makes you a VIP customer.


Are you interested in bundling your insurance? We offer several different ways to do so and have been bundling insurance for 31 years. Give Leigh Agency a call today and we’ll be sure to get you all the policies you need at the best price.