Neighborhood Connections to Health









“Creating unified, healthy, and safe towns through community collaboration & partnership.”…that’s the mission statement of Neighborhood Connections to Health. Their goal is to bring the community of Freehold Borough together in order to help those in need. The organization started in 2016 with the intention to address the health disparities in Freehold Borough. They do this through providing people in their community with access to healthy food, information about biking/walking safety, guidance to prevent lead poisoning, intergenerational activities, and much more!

One of Neighborhood Connections to Health’s main efforts is providing the community with a mobile pantry. In conjunction with fulfill, they collect food donations to get them to people in the community that need it the most. Even in this time where it is more difficult to collect donations and deliver food, they are still getting it done while following all of the guidelines provided by the CDC. As a result, this is a great time to donate to the cause so they can continue to provide food to those who need it more than ever before. To donate, just visit their site on a desktop or laptop computer and click on the “donate” button in the top right corner. Every dollar counts!

A lot of people are trying to find the best ways to help their community in this time of need. Most people would be surprised to find out they can help immensely without having to leave their computer! If you have donated or aren’t able to, then share their cause on social media to spread the word about Neighborhood Connections to Health and any other local organizations. Just one short post about the organization can help them get another donation that they wouldn’t have received without your post! Visit their Facebook Page and/or Twitter Account to start helping them get the word out about their cause!