The Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent

Did you know two types of insurance agents sell policies? There are captive agents and independent agents. There is a significant difference between the two. However, it is much more beneficial to work with an independent agent. Here are just a few reasons why!


You Get A Choice

Captive agents can only work with and provide quotes from one insurance provider. Because of this limitation, you won’t know if there is another provider that can give you the same coverage for a better price. This is precisely what an independent agent can do. They can get quotes from many different providers to make sure you have the opportunity to choose the best price for the correct amount of coverage.

Work With One Agent For All Your Insurance Needs

The captive agent’s insurance company may not offer all the policies you need. This would force you to contact additional insurance agents. However, independent agents can provide their clients with many different insurance products.

They Are Local

Independent agents typically focus their efforts locally. This not only helps them to understand the insurance needs of the local community, but they also tend to be very involved with it! You will know immediately that you are working with someone who cares just as much about your neighborhood as you do!

You Get The Advice You’re Looking For

Independent agents will genuinely listen to your situation and advise you on your needed coverage. They do this because a simple online form is not enough to know exactly what policy you’ll need to be appropriately covered.

You Can Rely on Them for A Lifetime

Independent agents will have your best interest in mind throughout your life changes. You can rely on them when you move, start a business, get married, renovate your home, have children, etc.


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