Tips for Childproofing Your Home

Children are curious by nature. And while it’s important to encourage this curiosity, it’s also just as important to keep them safe while doing so. Thankfully, it’s easy to take steps to make your home more “childproofed” so your little one can explore more safely. Read on to learn more.


Cover Up Those Outlets

It may seem obvious, but many parents don’t realize how dangerous outlets are to babies and toddlers. Luckily, outlet covers are cheap and easy to install. From the small plastic-pronged covers to the more elaborate full plate covers, make sure every outlet within reach of your child is covered.

Cushion Those Corners

Sharp edges on coffee tables, nightstands, or fireplaces can be hazardous to children of all ages. One little fall could become much worse if that corner isn’t covered up. There are many easy ways to keep your kids safe from the furniture. Look for the cushioned corner protectors and cover every edge that may be a problem.

High Up Hazards

Toddlers love to put everything in their mouths, no matter what it is! This doesn’t mean you have to throw away anything that could be a choking hazard. But you should put it up high and secure where your kids can’t reach it. Every parent of a toddler has a countertop or mantle full of the little things they’re trying to keep free of drool!

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Lockdown

Most homeowners have kitchen and bathroom cabinets full of cleaning supplies or chemicals that could be extremely dangerous in the hands of little kids. Even if your little ones tend to leave your cabinets alone, it only takes a moment for the unexpected to happen. Plastic cabinet hinges are an easy solution. They keep the cabinets locked to little hands but are easy to unlock for adults.


Another way to protect your kids is to ensure you have the proper homeowner’s insurance policy! Leigh Agency can review your current coverage to see if it is the right type and amount for you and your family.