Why Now is A Good Time to Review Insurance Coverage with An Independent Agent

Life comes with constant change. Because of this, you should periodically review your insurance policies to ensure you’re getting the best coverage for your needs. Regardless of who your current policy is with right now, you should review it with an independent agent.


What is the difference between a captive insurance agent and an independent agent?

A captive insurance agent can only get you coverage from the one insurance company they work with. In comparison, an independent insurance agent has access to multiple insurance carriers. This means you only need to work with one agent for almost all your insurance coverage. The one agent you work with will likely be more familiar with your neighborhood and insurance requirements than a captive agent. Furthermore, this one-on-one relationship will allow you to communicate your total insurance needs for a lifetime. Captive agents tend to not have time for that kind of relationship and instruct customers to fill out forms to determine the right coverage for them.

Why should I review my insurance policy with an independent agent soon?

You may not even realize that your current insurance policies are no longer relevant or sufficient to your needs. An independent agent can review all your existing policies and ensure they’re up to date. Then, if more specific coverage is necessary, they can work with many different insurance providers to get the best deal. An independent agent has the experience and expertise to get the right insurance for your needs. Also, this is an excellent time of year to review your policies! It’s always good to get into a habit of reviewing your policies towards the end of the year. Also, summer is a very popular time to buy new houses, cars, boats, and other large purchases.


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